Focus Modes Within Digital Cameras

While a number of the least expensive cameras have only automatic focus.

Meaning your camera does each of the work on bringing your subject in the best possible focus, most SLR digitals offer 3 different focus modes: manual, single and continuous auto focus.

All 3 of those will be addressed here.

With manual focus, your camera stays out of your focus equation and you also, the photographer, make each of the decisions regarding this.

This is conducted by setting different buttons or actually utilizing an attached focusing ring that rotates on your camera lens.

For people who like to have complete creative control of the finished product, this is actually the best focus mode.

In single auto focus mode, your camera automatically focuses whenever you press the shutter button either every one of the way right down to shoot a photo or midway down to lock the target.

This mode is helpful when shooting static objects.

In continuous auto focus, your camera continuously focuses on the objects within the photo.

In this mode your camera continuously corrects the main focus as the objects distance from your camera changes.

This mode is useful whenever you shoot photos of moving objects like a race car throughout a race or airplanes during an air show.

You can contain the shutter button midway down and continuously move your camera to follow the target.

The camera will continuously keep the thing in focus.

Like every other feature, automatic and manual focus modes have their own pros and cons.

The initial step to using them to your advantage will be to understand how they work and designed for.

The next step is usually to experiment shoot photos using different focus modes and different kinds of objects and find out how your camera behaves.

Once you have done that. you will certainly be ready to instinctively utilize the best focus mode for each photo situation.

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