Casio EX-Z77 EXILIM Zoom Digital Camera


The 7.2 mega pixel Casio EX-Z77 EXILIM Zoom digital camera balances high functionality with compact yet stylish features.


Casio EX-Z77 EXILIM Zoom Digital CameraIt also adds enhanced movie functionality and features a new YouTube Capture mode.

Also includes a blur reduction function by using motion analysis technology, an auto-tracking AF system, and face detection technology.

The combination of face detection technology and the auto-tracking AF system ensures that once the focus locks on to a person’s face, it will stay sharp and maintain the right exposure, even when the person moves, ensuring great shots every time.

In addition to the YouTube Capture mode, this camera features the eBay Best Shot Mode, exclusive to the U.S. line of Casio EXILI digital cameras.

The eBay Best Shot Mode optimizes photos for display on eBay, allowing users to quickly and easily create photos for selling items on eBay.


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