Samsung 16.2MP CMOS Smart WiFi And NFC Digital Camera


The WB350F is the perfect companion for photo-sharing enthusiasts everywhere thanks to its next-generation NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Samsung 16.2MP CMOS Smart WiFi And NFC Digital Camera

Equipped with Samsung”s brand new Tag And Go technology,this model can connect to smartphones by simply touching the two devices together.

Once paired, users have access to a host of intuitive features which make sharing images fun and simple.

Photo Beam instantly transfers images being viewed on the camera to the paired smartphone, while with Auto Share, images are backed up instantaneously, as they are being taken.

Using Mobile Link , photographers can select which shots they want to copy over to their smartphone, making it easy to organize the contents of the camera.

Also in Remote Viewfinder mode, smartphones can be used to control the WB350F, allowing photographers to enjoy greater shooting freedom.

In addition, this camera is capable of uploading original photographs directly to Dropbox.


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